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Ott 1, 2018 | Food, Lifestyle

Probably the most typical of Venetian rituals is for friends to meet in the evening to their favourite bar or ‘bacaro’ (a particular type of Venetian osteria) and have a spritz together, before going home for dinner.
Spritz is our aperitif made with white wine (possibly prosecco), soda water and a liquor. Ice, a slice of orange and an olive are a must.
The problem comes when the barman asks you which type of spritz you want, because you can choose among 4 different liquors.


Spritz al Bitter: This is the strongest and has a dark red color typical of Bitter Campari. In the past it was the choice of men, but things have changed. It is very, very good but take care, a couple of ‘spritz al bitter’ and you will feel really dizzy.

Spritz all’Aperol: the most famous, you can drink it also out of Italy now. Its orange colour and mild flavour makes it the perfect drink before dining.

Spritz al Select: usually only Venetians ask for this. It is considered the ‘only authentic spritz’ because Select is a liquor born in Venice where used to be produced fore decades. The taste is rich because it is composed of 30 botanicals including rhubarb roots and juniper berries.

Spritz al Cynar: this is usually drunk by old Venetians. Cynar is an old fashioned artichoke based bittersweet liqueur. Its brown colour makes it definetely less fascinating but it is really tasty and digestive.

And now just a suggestion about a nice place to get a special spritz: Bar Angiò, in Castello, the district where the story of Select began in 1920. Sit at a table in front of the lagoon and, if you are lucky, you can also enjoy the perfect sunset.

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