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Mar 7, 2019 | Shop local

In Venice, like in other cities around the world, there are many activities ready to attract tourists offering junk or counterfeit goods.
In the last decades many small businesses and traditional stores have been replaced by low quality souvenirs shops, often made in other countries. We lament that these ‘tacky’ tourist shops have replaced our local butchers and greengrocers and that many artisans had to close their atelier and shops. 
You can do something for our city supporting local crafters by purchasing things handmade by persons based in Venice who, also through your contribution, will continue to live and work in this city.
Alessandra Gardin is an architect, based in Venice, who fell in love with lampwork art. She took courses at master artisans’ ateliers of this art in Murano and applied this technique to create the glass jewels she designs, which are definitely contemporary but with a special traditional touch.
The jewels you can see in these photos are handmade in Venice by Alessandra. Her elegant artworks are a fusion of exquisite craftmanship and innovative design.
If you like the idea of supporting her talent, you can find her shop ‘Kirumakata’ in Fondamenta S. Ana 998, Castello District.
This part of Castello is one of the liveliest and more authenthic areas in Venice, especially during the Biennale Art Exhibition.
If you want to fully experience the atmosphere of this part of the city, you can stay at our apartment Bianco 4 (click to view).






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